norwegian yarns for tapestry artists

Started in 1985, Norsk Fjord Fiber imports yarn from rare, Norwegian-raised Nordic breeds of sheep to tapestry weavers in North America.
This breed-specific Norwegian weaving yarn, called “Vevgarn”, is excellent for tapestry, rugs and bound weave structures.
There are some knitters who use it for their hardier, colorful items. We also sell a small number of high quality warp yarns.

Our Vevgarn (called Frid) is imported directly from Hiilesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, a fifth generation owned spinnery, on the west coast of Norway.
This Vevgarn is 50% Norwegian Spelsau and 50% luster-wool - resulting in a combination of the strength and durability of Spelsau and the more malleable qualities of long-staple luster wool.
Vevgarn is available in 100gm (just over 3.5 ounces) and approximately 300 meters (328 yards) skeins in 108 colors. The cost of each skein is $12.
We stock all colors.